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Jurassic coast


The Jurassic Coast is a hugely diverse and beautiful landscape underpinned by incredible geology of global importance. In 2001 it became a World Heritage Site.



The different rocks crammed into this 95-mile stretch of Dorset and East Devon coastline create a wonderfully varied landscape. There are opportunities here for many different and unforgettable experiences, from lazy-summer beach days and family BBQs to soul-stirring walks in wind-swept winter.

Nestled in towns and villages are museums and visitor centres that help to bring the Jurassic Coast’s global heritage to life. These vital hubs showcase exceptional fossils and fascinating exhibitions, and many offer unique activities such as coasteering, fossil hunting and even musical geology walks.

The landscape of the Jurassic Coast is a feast for the senses. Its stories stimulate mind, body and soul. It captures our imagination and invites us to find a sense of belonging, to return again and again to experience all it has to offer.


Enjoy the famous fossil hunting at local spot Charmouth beach, dive into the fossil centre and rent your fossil hunting equipment!


2 mins walk from the Escape Pod is the little gem of Pecorama, ideal for wet days and children and train lovers. cant beat the views and the fun!

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